Thursday, April 29, 2010

about a mile or so

Sometimes I use something and realize a new to me feature that was probably there all along. I've used Google maps plenty of times, and lately, while looking for a house, Momma has used it many more times.

The Google mapping I did was to search the route between where I work and where I'll soon be living. I actually knew exactly what my search would tell me in regard to the route, but I was curious about the distance. It's definitely walkable which was part of my curiosity.

The feature I mentioned above is in a small drop down menu. When you search a route you can choose how you plan to traverse that route, whether you are driving, walking, using public transit or riding a bike.

It only makes sense, and I wasn't amazingly surprised that it existed, but I was a wee bit pleasantly surprised. Now let's work on pleasantly surprising myself with an affordable bike in the near future.

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