Tuesday, November 09, 2010

it's so like the thing I'm not referencing more than now

On the middle finger of my right hand is the end of a blister.  Sometime tomorrow it's likely to become the shiny spot of new skin that was fairly recently under the blister.

I've made hollandaise sauce before, but I haven't made it often, and when I did before I just stood and beat while someone else told me what I was supposed to be doing.  It just never happened to become my job, and because I likely heard often enough how hard it was to make I never bothered to try.

But finally I've made it once or twice, and I've realized that it really isn't that hard, and I've now gone on the internets and googled and read about it here and there.  I've checked Escoffier, and when I have time on my day off this week I'll check Julia and James.

It is time consuming, and I suppose if you don't know how to lift your bowl off the heat once in a while, or if you can't tell when something becomes a different color and consistency, well, sure it's scaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrry!


No really, it's tiresome at it's worst.  I didn't even notice the blister till after work.  I forgot that I needed to head home sooner than later and sat down at the bar for a quick gin and tonic.  I didn't know I was sitting down for a gin and tonic till I sat down and was reminded that we run decent liquor specials for brunch, so I opted in.

I did soon go home, but that isn't really a story other than the part about going home.  I needed to and was reminded via a text, so I then did. 

It was while I was enjoying the gin and tonic that I saw the blister and was stuck on it for a moment.  I had to think how I'd gotten it.  I knew it wasn't a burn.  It was big enough to remember if it had been a burn.  And as I thought I remembered the hollandaise and the whisk.  While beating the yolks find that I switch back and forth between gripping the handle fully with my hand and holding it more like writing with a pencil.  It's what the hand does I suppose.  The holding it like a pencil part gave me a blister on the second finger of my right hand.

Actually, this isn't really much of a story either.

Finally, to end this not really much of a story on a whole other but still hollandaise related note.  Nearly anything is better dipped in hollandaise.  Roasted potatoes are of course lovely.  The fatty end of a strip of bacon is marvelous.  Perhaps the most decadent of all and surely one of the most delightful is the simple potato chip.  But these are only ideas.  There's a world of food waiting to be dipped into hollandaise, for hollandaise is the new ranch . . . up to a point.

p.s.  ranch is still awesome

p.p.s ranch and hollandaise are probably equally awesome

p.p.p.s maybe I should make up my own super awesome ranch recipe

p.p.p.p.s. damn, now I want some wings

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