Wednesday, November 03, 2010

a story

We were in the gym waiting for the school building to open, and in walked one of my "friends."  He was closer in age to my next younger brother, and if any of us were friends it was them.  We were within the years considered middle school probably.

The typical schooling segments always throw me off as we only had elementary and high school, the first downstairs in the school building and the latter upstairs in the school building.  In elementary you stayed in the same classroom throughout the day with the one teacher while highschool was the normal lockers and walking to classes.  Both elementary and high school did share the same paddling room, though the high school teachers shared a different paddle than the elementary.  Kindergarten was in the basement of the church building, and the paddling room there was in a room that was unused during the day.  The principal and coaches had the option of paddling in their respective offices.

Anyway, this kid walked in, and he was wearing some new jeans that were probably quite fashionable, and on the flap over the fly, in very bold white on the denim background was a word.  I have to assume it was the brand for these fresh and/or fly new jeans, but it struck me as odd that they chose to make this statement and that this particular kid chose and was allowed by his parents to make this statement.

And my too slow to think before I speak self asked what was written on his penis.  Even now I still can't think what I did that was so wrong.  Apparently it was just awful.  I think he cried.  I had to apologize and probably had detention for multiple days.

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