Sunday, May 20, 2007

country fair

Because a certain site promoting horrid religious exercises in suffering the little children to suffer decided to mismanage the Carnival of Homeschooling, a few sensible homeschoolers have decided to resurrect the Country Fair. Sure, it sounds like the CoH, so you might ask why we need another.

You probably know the story of the post that was pulled due to "questionable" material at the blog, and if you don't know the story, try to imagine some scenario based on what I've told you. Now build up a bit of resentment toward Home School Blogger (to whom I don't link) for being such weineyheads. Now think about visiting a nicer carnival, where all the rides are scary for the right reasons.

The Country Fair is basically a carnival of home education. The bloggers who will submit posts are homeschoolers of all kinds, types and varieties. They worship or don't worship in their own way and won't tell you that your god or lack of gods is good or bad. They might mention tactics and strategies used by their own family, and they will do this without damning you or your family for doing things differently.

The Country Fair is inclusion at its best. The posts in the fair will be written by everyone from liberal christians to conservative atheists. If I offer something then you can count on at least one Discordian point of view, whatever the hell that means. So, if you are a blogger and a homeschooler, then head over to the site with your best piece . . . of writing jackass! Otherwise, wait around till it's all put together and ready to read, then head over to look at our best pieces . . . damn, perv, it's writing!

Want to read what Doc has to say about it?

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Anonymous said...

Well put. Now if I could just find some creativity somewhere to write a post for it. I would then.

Kim, also known as anonymous since she lost her password
of RH